A business website or an app has the ability to leave a long-lasting impression on customers. Whether the impression created is good or bad depends on various factors. Better user experience is what a business should try to focus on. Because of web and mobile’s influence on people these days, business owner’s have started to spend resources and quite a lot of time on improving the user experience.

As an online business owner, a website is the strongest asset for your business. A business website serves as the hub of information for potential visitors who are searching for the same service/products online that your business sells. To make visitors navigate through your website for a longer time, having an attractive and engaging user interface is of the utmost importance.

But what about user experience? Is it important? Does UX hold any value when we consider the layout of the website?
Yes, UX is as equally important as the UI. While developing a user interface web developers must also consider providing a better user experience. Having an attractive website is of no mean if it is not satisfying user browsing friendly. True UX practice promotes improving the user’s interaction with the website and opinion about your products and any other related services.

Mobile devices are not new for this generation. With the development of technology, many mobile devices of various size, brand, and platform are coming into the picture. People on the move prefer mobile devices for searching any required service/products. Optimizing website interface for the mobile device in order to offer a better user experience is also essential.

Are you looking for better ways to improve your business website? Want to provide your visitors with better user experience along with the attractive user interface?  Here are some ways to make it possible.

1) Determine call to action
Call to action(CTA) is a button on a website used to direct the users towards conversion. Some mostly used CTA’s are signed up forms, download the app, start a trial,  book appointment etc.
Making use of clear and attractive Call to Action improves the user experience of any website. It is advisable to place this attribute on every page of the website. According to the study, it has observed that website which has CTA on every page of the website have higher conversion rates as compared to others. To improve overall user experience, having a  CTA feature is essential.

2) Responsive and mobile friendly website design
Your website must be responsive and mobile friendly. People are searching for your business website not only through desktop but also through mobile devices like phones and tablets, so its compulsory for your website design to load properly on devices of different sized screens.

3) Website speed
If your website is taking too much of time to load, people feel it frustrating and will eventually leave your website and move on to some another website which has faster loading time.Your website loading time decides whether a user will visit your website or move on to another site. So, if your landing page is slower, then there are high chances that users might not even go through your website.When it comes to website speed, considering only the desktop is not enough. It is important to optimize for mobile users as well. With the increasing use of mobile devices, designing and optimizing your webpage for mobile users has to be done without fail.   

4) Easy navigation
Navigation on your website is the way of guiding the user to your top visited pages and products. To offer a better user experience providing user-friendly navigation with an understandable heading, especially for the new visitor to your website.  

5) Graphic-rich website
Images and videos are engaging factors for any website. It makes the content visually appealing. But the type of image you choose can change the overall look of the page either in a positive or negative way. To create a good impression and provide user experience avoid using stock photos. New photos draw more visitors as they provide a realistic approach to them and the user can connect with them very easily.

6) Be consistent

Be consistent throughout your website. Make use of your brand colors, same writing tone, same font and similar design and style throughout your website. Inconsistencies in website design can leave users confused and not sure if they are on the same website. Great user experience is not only about providing useful information about the company and services. But, it’s also about providing the information in an engaging and pleasing manner. No matter how good your website is, if it’s not able to grab the users attention, it is not enough.

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